Saturday 7th February 2015

9h30            Registration (continues 13.00-13.30)

10h30          Opening of the Conference
                      Katarina Nummi-Kuisma, President of the Piano Teachers’ Association

10h45          Student Concert

11h30          The Piano Music of Jean Sibelius – lecture and teaching demonstration              Erik T.Tawaststjerna                          

13h00          Lunch (at own cost)

(registration continues 13-13.30)

14h30          Demonstration of the laboratory of piano pedagogics at Tampere

-everyday and research projects

Risto Kyrö and Matti Ruippo

15h30          Exhibition of Notes and Musical Instruments

16h00          Annual Meeting

17h15          Break

19h30          Evening Recital by Risto Lauriala

(the program includes works of Bach-Busoni, Schumann and Schumann-Liszt)



Sunday, 8th February 2015

10h30          Experiences from home and abroad

                      Matti Raekallio

12h00          Exhibition of Notes and Musical Instruments

12h30         Book presentation -Learning by playing! Piano-the first chords

                      Sara and Matti Suvela


13h15          How to maintain enthusiasm

                      Seppo Kimanen

14h15          Audience Discussion
                      chairman Katarina Nummi-Kuisma

14h45          Closing of the Conference

The Piano Conference takes place at Tampere Conservatory, F.E.Sillanpään katu 9, 33230 Tampere, tel. 0400 654530


Please registrate by paying the participation fee to the bank account of the Piano Teachers’ Association FI55 1014 3000 1414 87 by 7th January 2015 at the latest. The name of the participant should be seen in the receipt of the payment.

Participation fees
Members and students 80€
Pensioners 50€
Others (nonmembers) 130€

No separate daily fees.

The participants marked in the list of members of the Piano Teachers’ Association and having paid the member’s fee of the year 2014 may pay the member’s participation fee.

The reservation fees are not refundable, except on medical reasons on doctor’s certificate.

NOTICE! Participating in the Piano Conference is free of charge for full-time students of piano pedagogy. Registration by e-mail is required for the participation by 7th January 2014 to the email

address Remember to mention the name of your institute.


There are rooms reserved for the participants of the conference:

Cumulus Koskikatu
Koskikatu 5
33100 Tampere
tel. +358 3 242 4111

1 per Standard 82€/day
2 pers Standard 99€/day

Cumulus Rautatienkatu
Rautatienkatu 21
33100 Tampere
tel. +358  3 239 22100

1 per Standard 80€/day
2 pers Standard 97€/day

The prices include buffet breakfast and customer´s sauna. Please, notice that the there’s only a limited number of rooms available and the reservations should be made by 7th January 2014. Remember to mention “Piano Conference” when making the reservation.


The statutory Annual Meeting of the Piano Teacher´s Association will be held on Saturday 7th February 2014 at 4.00 p.m. at Tampere Conservatory, F.E.Sillanpään katu 9, 33230 Tampere. The statutory issues of an annual meeting will be dealt with and the board members being under resignation the next year will be allotted in the meeting. The rules are available on the website of the association.


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